cost no object

Cost no object – 2008
land art – absence. approx 1100 mm

‘Cost no object’… or as I originally intended …’a perfectly spherical absence of anything but air’ … was intended as the sketch of an idea I have been working towards for some time … possibly a case of professional perversity … it was an attempt to make an artwork which was literally ‘nothing ‘ … an ‘absence of mass’ made beautifull … the ‘piece’ which I sometimes describe as antopiary, is a spherical evacuation cut into the surrounding environs, earth rock and plantlife … the jig that I used to create the geometrically perfect negative sphere was in many ways the art object … The antopiary is something that if maintained I am working towards elsewhere… would literally be, or become, an artwork made of nothing, for which the driving process is maintenance rather than fabrication, or manufacturing …much less the illustrious ‘creation’ … this work will become stronger , more solid the more it is maintained .. a kind of zen and the art of maintennce… and my attempt to make ‘nothing ‘ beautifull…